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No more searching through hundreds of pages to find what you need. Not to mention all the extra functionality and ease of use!

A real Time-Saver

With your safety program available online, you get instant access to all your OHS data at your fingertips… anytime, anywhere.

Not Rocket Science

Easy to manage and maintain. You decide who has access.
Sharing content with your team just got a whole lot easier!

Make your Safety Program
work for you!

Let’s face it, access on demand is the new normal in this fast paced world.

When it comes to safety in the workplace… this couldn’t be more true.

Having a great OHS Program is one thing but getting it in the hands of the people who need it and making it easy for them to find the information they need is quite another.

Not any more!

We’re taking it off the shelf, blowing the dust off and putting it to work! 😉

Fully responsive from any device!

Online Safety Manual

Easy customizable design to make it your own


Search and find anything with ease!


Retina ready and responsive – works great on devices of any size


Electronic (e-Forms)… an additional feature we’re sure you’ll like!


Central Dashboard with all COR elements at the ready!

Built by professionals… for professionals!

OHS Manual is built on a WordPress platform which is by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) and used on approximately 75 million websites. We chose to use WordPress because of its powerful, flexible and simple interface. It’s free to install, deploy, and update and offers endless capabilities through thousands of optional plugins.

Most companies or businesses already have a website to advertise their products or services to the public. If you already have a website, what better way to compliment it. Whether you’re adding to an existing site or want to use it as a stand alone site… deployment will be a snap!

Easy to Use & Simple to Manage!

OHS Manual puts it all together for you to make managing your safety program a breeze!

Having your safety program available online and at your finger tips is not only convenient but cost effective as well. No more printing multiple copies of your manual, no more expensive Apps, no more monthly payments.

Updating can now be done in seconds, and finding what you need when you need it, well… Not a problem any more!

Not just a safety manual either…
it’s PACKED with a lot of great features too!

Custom Features

Learn more below

  • Custom Login Page
  • Organization Chart
  • Statistical Record Charts
  • Record & File Management
  • Safe Work Procedure Inventory
  • SDS Record Inventory
  • DIY - Electronic Forms (e-Forms)
  • Event Calendar (Meetings, Training, etc)
  • Built-In LMS System
  • Premium Media Folder Library
  • Cloud Server Integration
  • (Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, etc)
  • Enhanced Content Security

Included PRO Plugins

Over $500 Value!

  • Events Calendar Integration
  • Gravity Forms (Developers Edition)
  • Gravity Forms Signature Add-On
  • Gravity PDF Add-On
  • PDF Embedder Premium Secure
  • PDF Thumbnails Premium
  • WP Media Folder + ADDONS
  • WP File Download
  • WP Team Display PRO
  • WP Table Manager PRO
  • Contact Form Builder
  • Sensei - LMS Integration
  • Dropbox, Google Drive and Social Locker

Added Benefits

Bonus Benefits

  • Industry leading theme design
  • Retna Ready and Fully Responsive
  • Simple and quick integration
  • 2D + 3D Layerslider Slideshows
  • Completely Customizable... as you see fit!
  • External cloud integrations
  • Premium editing and branding functionality
  • Search and find anything with ease
  • Pre-loaded with premium media content
  • In-House training with the built in LMS
  • Incorporated record keeping!
  • Robust user management control

Deep integration with included premium plugins.
And of course… added functionality that will blow you away!

OHS Dashboard

All your COR elements at your fingertips!

As you can see, all your COR elements are readily available.
Just click on the section you want to review and dive in.

Supplemental Programs Section

Supplemental Programs  are basically a program within a program and include things like Fall Protection, Confined Space, Contractor Safety Management, Exposure Control Plans… just to name a few. You can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily and literally access the information in just a couple clicks.

Supplemental Programs
OHS Forms

And of course… the Forms Section

You’ll quickly see just how easy it is now to access and manage your form inventory. Having a visual reference makes finding a form that much easier as well. But of course… that’s not all. Check out “e-Forms” next!

Build a library of e-Forms to make life easier

Although we have our typical paper forms to fall back on… we wanted to go a step further with Forms. Sometimes what you need is something more sophisticated with a lot more options. That’s where Gravity Forms shines!

So we included a Developers Edition of Gravity Forms so you can build a library of electronic forms and use them over and over. We even built a few to get you started!

Learn more on the next slide.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms makes form building so easy!

This thing is LOADED with add-ons like Dropbox, Signatures, Survey’s and Polls… just to name a few.

It even includes PDF functionality to provide you with professional grade forms that can be sent directly as an attachment to anyone you choose. But this is only the beginning. You’ll love this feature!

How about a built-in Events Calendar?

A good Online Safety Program needs a way to organize those important meetings and events. Plan and organize safety meetings, training events, project management meetings and more!

Learn more about the Events Calendar on the next slide.

OHS Calendar
Events Calendar

Manage and organize events
with this amazing plugin

This plugin offers an array of options and features.

Having access to a calendar directly from your OHS Program will make safety scheduling a snap!

Build your own courses and train In-House!

Having your own Learning Management System online can be a game changer!

A cost effective and efficient way to train workers at will. Build your own training courses and even use it to build orientation videos for New and Young Workers!

Check out the plugin on the next slide.

Training LMS
Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS Plugin

A great way to provide your workers with the training they need. And do it all In-House saving you time and money!

Now you can easily keep track of who needs training, who’s taken the training, and monitor their progress.

A built-in File Manager to keep everything organized!

Proper record keeping is essential for any safety management system so we include the one of the best tools out there to take care of all your file management needs.

Now you can easily organize all your – Administration files, Employee Records, Safety Committee Documents, Training Records, Incidents investigations and whatever else you need to keep track of. Moreover, you can now easily share these files with anyone! Check it out on the next slide.

File Manager
File Manager Plugin

WP File Manager PRO

Create a file category, drag’n drop your files and insert a file category or a single file directly into your content. The WP File Manager serves you with a lot of professional features like a full-text search engine and full Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive integrations with two way file synchronization.

You get the whole PRO developers edition that includes so much more!

And why not a… Media Manager

Organize and manage all your media files in folders, color code folders, drag and drop, sync with Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, and other cloud serves.

Use it to store your inspection and incident photos and organize them for quick reference. This feature will definitely be a huge help!

Media Folder

Also included… an Organizational Chart

Another great feature from the JoomUnited plugin… Team Chart!

Display and show off your team and organization as a whole. Complete with contact information, project assignments, images, and whatever you need.

A nice professional touch and handy feature to be sure.

And of course… Statistical Graphs & Charts

As part of any good quality Safety Management System… and a C.O.R. requirement, employers should collect statistical safety trends that will guide continual improvement. This used to be a nightmare with spreadsheets.

Not anymore! OHS Program Manual online, will make this a breeze!


Want to take it for a spin?

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